Remove limitations on your storage investment and keep pace with storage innovations by modernising your storage network with Indo Asia Global Technology ’s dynamic end-to-end solutions for all-flash storage and NVMe storage. Enable reliability, high performance and reduced human error with agile Indo Asia Global Technology Storage Networking host adapters, multi-protocol switches, highly scalable directors and Smart SAN automation software for hybrid cloud and cloud-optimised storage.
Indo Asia Global Technology Services offers comprehensive, cost efficient and packaged solutions and services that help you align your IT infrastructure to support your business strategy. Whether you need help with managing your messaging and computing platforms, securing your network or managing your application operations, we will deliver a flexible solution.


Our experience in primary, secondary and hyperconverged storage, and NAS and object solutions has given us a greater understanding of your needs than single-focus vendors have. Our Storage Networking portfolio is a reliable, high-performance storage connectivity platform.
Experts from Indo Asia Global Technology Services are capable of addressing your IT challenges by delivering solutions and services that consist of simpler & flexible IT infrastructures that meeting business demands and budgets.
Our solutions and services include:

Data Center Solution & Services
Server Co-location
Rack Space-colocation
Enterprise IT Infrastructure Services
Disaster Recovery on Demand
Business Continuity Planning
Data Backup
Remote Infrastructure Management

Enterprise Email Solutions
IT Infrastructure Operations Management
Cloud & Hosting Services
AWS Cloud
Google Cloud

Storage Solutions

We understand that business continuity is of paramount importance for our customers. Even the slightest downtime in today’s interconnected environment could prove to be extremely harmful for businesses – a reason why Storage Solutions from Indo Asia Global Technology Services are highly popular with our clients.
From consulting & design to implementation and maintenance, our experts work with our clients to understand their changing business requirements and design a customized solution that successfully addresses your needs cost-effectively, securely and with flexibility.
Our services include:
Backup Solutions
Archiving Solutions
Disaster Recovery Solutions


Storage solutions for virtualised data that deliver performance, integration, management, and availability for Tier-1 and mission-critical deployments.


Virtualise more business-critical workloads and get the performance, availability, and savings you need with Indo Asia Global Technologies data storage solutions for VMs and containers. Get the flash-enabled, app-centric data infrastructure trusted by the world’s leading companies.


Indo Asia Global Technology offer HPE Nimble Storage and HPE 3PAR all-flash, hybrid, or secondary flash arrays deliver performance and scale for container environments. HPE Nimble Storage Radically simplify operations with powerful predictive analytics. Deploy workloads on flash arrays, converged infrastructure and public cloud.

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Simplify your CORPORATE BUSINESS Applications With STORAGE & SERVERS SOLUTIONS on Premises or on Cloud

Data centers are the foundation where all initiatives that drive business agility and innovation are built upon. Data center infrastructure management is the convergence of IT and building facilities functions within an organization. The goal of a DCIM initiative is to provide administrators with a holistic view of a data center's performance so that energy, equipment and floor space are used as efficiently as possible
Technologies such as virtualization and automation along with the cloud help improve the agility of data centers and optimize their performance. This ensures faster and cost-effective delivery of services.
Our services help enterprises improve agility and scalability, reduce IT complexity, and lower cost of operations while meeting the demands of IT and aligning with business goals. Our services include:

Data Center Consolidation and Optimization services
Core Infrastructure Transformation services
Infrastructure Engineering services
Private Cloud Implementation services
Workload Migration services
Open Compute services
Data Center Security services

Cloud and Data storage Platforms

Leverage business applications that use the latest technology advancements – including the SAP HANA , Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Data Center platform, cloud, mobile, and more.

Private Cloud Solutions

Private Clouds consist of software running on your own hardware and not shared with any other enterprise. They are gaining a lot of popularity in enterprises as they allow easy scalability, control, centralized security mechanisms as well as real-time monitoring - thereby allowing them become agile.
Our experts help you set up your own private cloud environment - beginning from the procurement of the hardware through to the implementation of secured access to your applications. Our comprehesive support plans then offer complete training and support to ensure that your systems always perform at an optimal level.